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th and height doesn't match that of the image, it will be cropped to the new ratio before resizing)): {{... hat is not an image (''gif, jpeg, png''), then it will be displayed as a link instead. For linking an i... ers: ^ Parameter ^ Description ^ | any number | will be used as maximum number items to show, defaults... [[doku>config:htmlok|HTML]] is disabled all tags will be stripped | | //n//[dhm] | refresh period, wher
Stoleco Blood Bowl Organization (SBO) Rules: 3 Occorrenze trovate
g a tournament, that coach must choose which team will have to refuse to play the match before its start... Play Cards can't be induced. - Which four teams will play in a end-of-season tournament are determined... higher Fan Factor, then randomly. The first team will play a semifinal match with the third one, and th
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rnate Text}} Type normal wiki markup here. Links will be automatically detected and used in the image m
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